Lavender harvest of the Labyrinth.

Wwoofer Katelyn infused in lavender.Hand picked with love.

This summer (2011) we harvested a little too late for an optimum harvest, due to the fact that we had a very poor wildflower and fruit bloom. This year we had two killer freezes just when the wildflowers and fruit trees were in bloom. Both blooms were lost and the bees from our two hives had no flowers to forage from. They love lavender, so we left the blooms on for them. But finally, in mid July, we harvested. And still, it was intense. The fragrance of a whole field of lavender, especially Buena Vista lavender, is pure joy. The bees were still a-hum, and all the other pollinators were busy too. But time it was and harvest we did. One of the good things about Buena Vista, is that it likes to bloom twice and even sometimes three times in a year, so our bees will not go hungry and in between they can feed on

Drying before cleaning.

the flowers in our other two lavender beds and all the different kinds of melons, squashes, and veggies we have in bloom now. The pictures show the harvest, with Wwoofer Katelyn helping out. We couldn’t have done it with out her this year. Now take a big whiff, you can almost smell it from where you are.

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