Reaching the Top.

Winter is upon us and the garden beds are at rest. The rains have started and the temperatures have dropped. And the root cellar is topped!! There has been a constant push since last March to complete the root cellar before winter set in and it is now done. All that is left is the finish coats of plaster, a floor and shelving. Veggies are already in baskets sitting on the straw bales that are being used for scaffolding within the dome. This will be a great place for drying and curing onions and garlic next season too, not to mention hanging our lavender. Thank you to all our Wwoofer friends for your help in getting it to this stage of completion.

I am still trying to figure out how to manage this site, so I am only posting a few pictures on this post and no newer ones in the photo gallery until I learn how to make separate albums. To see more pictures of the root cellar, click on the Facebook page link following. Click here.

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