A new season on the farm.

We had our first Wwoofer of the season join us in the last days of February. Jessie had received her Masters degree from Bastyr College and was looking for a place to call home and Wwoofing on the way. She also had experience in construction and wanted to learn about organic farming – and the Farm needed some raised beds built so we could get our onions starts planted; so she was the perfect fit. Jessie stayed with us for about a week and was a great help and a lot of fun to have around.

Isabel and Elizabeth followed and were with us for almost three weeks. “Iz” and “Liz” as they were known, were both from the east coast. “Iz” had just graduated from University and “Liz” was taking some gap time off from her University work to explore her universe. They were interested in working with bees among other aspects of organic farming so we took a trip up the Big Sur coast to check on some of our bees up there. They also enjoyed building some raised beds, and getting in the mud working on the root cellar. This year we are hoping to finish off the root cellar and start stocking it with some good organic fruits and veggies.

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