SamiAnanda is watching and the start of the dome is mudded

Sami in mirror

Sami is watching you.

SamiAnanda, our farm dog, goes on a ride in the country and is watching and smelling the world go by. This time of year, the foxtails and prickers are out so she enjoys getting away from the farm once in a while where she can relax and take a break from her duties. She brings a smile to everyone and is always watching what we do.



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Root cellar’s birth

Earthbag crew

Building the root cellar

Finally, the root cellar has risen from the ground and taken birth. Three wonderful Wwoofers lent a hand over a three week period. Not all the time was spent “earth bagging” as raised garden beds needed to be made, starts needed to be planted, garlic pulled, weeds pulled, and bee boxes assembled. But the dome was pulled up to 6 rows high. It’s a good start. As we wait for other rows to be added, we start to mud the first bags, which we will continue to do

Scratch coat by Samson

as the dome rises. Here, Wwoofer Samson applies the first coat. It’s late in the afternoon with air temp. a warm 101 degrees.

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