Wwoof With Us

Come join us.

WWOOF is a worldwide network, offering anyone the chance to travel and learn about life on an organic farm. Locations can be across or the globe or in your local area. Farms can be in the middle of a metropolis or, as in our case, in a desert…

Our WWOOFers become one of the family. They may either camp on site or stay in a trailer. Length of stay depends on chemistry and contribution. Meals are from the gardens and farmers markets and are as organic as possible, and basically vegetarian. The farm is 50 miles from the nearest town, but there is a house associated with it on the coast one and a half hours to the west. Both locations are smoke free.

Read our full profile on the WWOOF USA website here. You’ll need to log into the site to gain more information.

More information about WWOOFing around the world can be found here.

For our former Wwoofers, here’s a link to our Carrizo Lavender group on Facebook: (click here)¬†For other Facebook members, who would like to check out more photos of the farm, check out the Carrizo Lavender Farm page by clicking here.

We have fun at what we do.


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